Brain On Nuggs Poster = White

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Dull and boring environments can be a buzzkill! Decorate your smoke room with Peace Pipe Apparel Matte Poster Prints.

Brain On Nuggs - White
Brain On Nuggs is a mixed media collage depicting a cross section of the human brain on cannabis . The cerebellum can be seen near the rear ( the part of the brain responsible for balance , movement and posture ) and  is represented by a spool of hemp string . Three joints come together to form the brain stem, one of the joints reaches up into the centre of the brain where the lit side of the cone represents the Pineal Gland (the "third eye" ) . The smoke from the central region of the brain can be seen passing around the  the frontal ,  parietal, and occipital lobes (made of cannabis buds ) and represents the electric impulses that fire in the neurons and synapses of the brain.
Artwork designed by Malcolm Vendryes  ( @highlucination ) for Peace Pipe Apparel


.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: Multiple sizes
.: Matte finish
.: For indoor use