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Peace Pipe Apparel Sticky-icky Stickers feature vibrant artwork created from buds and smoke accessories that feel right at home when you stick em on your smoke trays, bongs, grinders, and jars.  


These large stickers are like eye candy to any seasoned stoner and are sure to give you something trippy to stare at when you hit that new all time high. 




The Peace Pipe Apparel Sticky Icky Sticker sheet features the following cannabis artwork designed by Malcolm Nyiam Vendryes . 

Brain on Nuggs

Brain On Nuggs is a mixed media collage depicting a cross section of the human brain on cannabis . The cerebellum can be seen near the rear ( the part of the brain responsible for balance , movement and posture ) and  is represented by a spool of hemp string . Three joints come together to form the brain stem, one of the joints reaches up into the centre of the brain where the lit side of the cone represents the Pineal Gland (the "third eye" ) . The smoke from the central region of the brain can be seen passing around the  the frontal ,  parietal, and occipital lobes (made of cannabis buds ) and represents the electric impulses that fire in the neurons and synapses of the brain.  (Read more about the creation of Brain on Nuggs


Potzarella is a mixed media collage of cannabis and related accessories arranged to portray a slice of pizza. The crust is made of rolling papers baked to perfection, dripping with potzarella cheese made from cannabis buds. Toppings include rolled cones as green peppers, herb grinders as pepperoni, filter tip pineapples, and hemp string red onions. ( Read more on the creation of Potzarella )

High Times

High Times is a mixed media collage of herb grinders and smoke accessories arranged to depict a clock at 4:20 .  The main wheel, escape wheels (the gears inside the clock ), case and dial are made from different sections of herb grinders. The minute and hour hands are made of a lit blunt and joint respectively , while the seconds hand is represented by a burning incense to mask the odour.  ( Read more on the creation of High Times ) 

Peace Pipe Wordmark

The Peace Pipe wordmark features a brush script style lettering composed  of curved sweeping arches,  inspired by the fluid nature of flowing smoke.  The wordmark reads “Peace”  but incorporates a stylized “e” where the “eye”(the empty space inside the “e” ) doubles as the chamber and bowl (the place you pack your smoking material ) of a Sherlock pipe ,while the terminal stroke flourishes to form the stem and lip (the mouth piece)  

Pipe Glyph 

The Pipe Glyph is a stylized "e" where the "eye" the empty space inside the "e" doubles as the chamber and bowl of a Sherlock pipe , the terminal stroke flourishes to form the stem and lip (the mouth piece)  

Pass It Around 

Peace Pipe Apparel Sticky-icky Sticker Sheet is now available on our online store. The 8.5" x 11" sticker sheet features 5 large stickers that fit great on laptops, cell phones, jars, smoke trays, and car bumpers. 

 Read more about the artwork featured on the Sticky-icky Sticker Sheet 



Features 5 Kiss Cut Peace Pipe Apparel Stickers

High quality, water proof , full colour 

8.5 by 11 inches ( size of a regular sheet of printer paper) 


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By : Malcolm Nyiam Vendryes 

IG: @nyiam_