Nyiam - Food For Thots

Posted by Malcolm Vendryes on

Check out the fresh Peace Pipe Apparel gear featured in the video for Food For Thots. Nyiam sports a variety of our Toker Toques , Bring a Bong sweatshirt, Rosy Cheeks Hoodie, THC hoodie and Blunted Talks Tee

Bring A Bong Sweatshirt

THC Hoodie

Nyiam and Joel Garden team up to serve you Food for Thots - a mouthful of all you can eat punch lines over tasty soulful loops cleverly crafted to quench the hunger pains  of thirsty thots worldwide . Nyiam takes your favourite food stuffs like Popeyes, McDonalds , Krispy Kreme, and Dairy Queen, then combines them with that junk in the trunk you’ve been craving to bring you more than just a cheat meal -- this one is guaranteed to hit the spot.

Blunted Talks Tee

Rosy Cheeks Hoodie

Cover Art by Nyiam

Written by Nyiam

Produced by Joel Garden

Recoding/Engineering by Eric Gordon @ Addik Productions

Music Video by Marcus Letts