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Our Fall / Winter collection for 2021 features 3 new prints CBD, NEXTFIX & HIGHER available on Hoodies  and Tees. The Fall Winter 2021 collection also sees the return of the MUNCHIES and Smoked Out prints now available on hooded sweatshirts . 

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New to the Fall Winter 2021 collection are our knit embroidered beanies with the Peace Pipe Apparel word mark in classic and smoked out variants. 




Our Higher design in a stoned flip on the logo for pharmaceutical company Pfizer - maker of the one of the most widely distributed Covid 19 vaccines . During the last 2 years the public has been exposed to Pfizer’s logo and branding more than ever before,  our Higher design serves up a dose of that good stuff that will leave you with a long lasting buzz with no side effects.. besides the munchies maybe . 

Available in multiple colours on both Tees and Hoodies . Hoodie selection includes Champion hoodies as well as heavy blend hoodies. 

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Netflix has become an addiction to movie watchers worldwide , and that is no exaggeration. The act of completing an episode or season actually releases serotonin which stimulates the reward centres in the brain leaving the viewer feeling accomplished and fiending for a next fix. Our Nextfix design is an obvious play on the Netflix logo that acts as a subtle attempt to bring awareness to the increasing addiction to streaming online content--are you still watching? 

Available in multiple colours on both Tees and Hoodies . Hoodie selection includes champion hoodies as well as Heavy Blend Hoodies. 

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Our CBD: Cannabidiol for Disease Control and Prevention design features a spinoff of the CDC Center for Disease Control logo . CBD has been found to have many health benefits - Relieves arthritis pain, Relieves chronic pain, Reduces inflammation, Reduces muscle spasms and other MS symptoms, Reduces chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting for cancer patients, May slow cancer cell growth, Relieves insomnia and improves sleep, Helps treat acne and psoriasis and Aids nicotine and heroin addiction recovery by reducing withdrawal symptoms to name a few. 

Available in multiple colours on both Tees and Hoodies . Hoodie selection includes champion hoodies as well as Heavy Blend Hoodies. 

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 Our Smoked Out design features the Peace Pipe word mark drifting like a puff of smoke. The this variant of our Peace Pipe classic logo has a more edgy and untamed look .

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One of our best selling designs MUNCHIES is now available on Hoodies ! On MUNCHIES  each letter is represented  by various junk food snacks floating in a cloud of smoke that emanates from scattered roaches . Try your best not to take a bite out of the Hoodie! The design features some of the must have munchies for  stoners world wide— chocolate bars, cheese puffs, cookies , m&ms , pretzels and a few others to get your sweet tooth singing.

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Stay warm while you blaze it down this Fall / Winter with our new knit beanies featuring our Peace Pipe Classic or Smoked Out word marks embroidered on the front. 

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