New for Spring 2022! Cheeba Head + Sour Deez !

Posted by Malcolm Vendryes on

Our Spring 2022 drop is now live featuring 2 new prints available on hoodies or tees. Cheeba Head & Sour Deez 


Cheeba Head


"Easy to grow.. Fun to Smoke!"  Cheeba Head is a stoned flip on the on the popular 1980’s terracotta figurines known as Chia Pets . These decorative planters use sprouted Chia seeds that grow within a couple of weeks to resemble hair or fur.  Our Cheeba Head print pulls inspiration from the Chia Head edition of Chia pets ( as seen on TV) but instead features indica cannabis leaves sprouting out of the scalp . Ch - Ch -Ch - Cheeba!

Full colour direct to garment print on available on tees and hoodies.


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Sour Deez 


Sour Diesel aka Sour D or Sour Deez is a popular Sativa strain , a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk. The strain first became popular in the 1990’s and is known for its pungent flavour profile that smells just like Diesel fuel. Our Sour Diesel print pays homage to legendary strains smell by brining you to the Gas pumps , the green, yellow, and orange color scheme pulls inspiration from the colourful hairs found on sour d flowers. The diesel pump is labled “ SOUR “ and the price gauge is hitting $4.20 for those who are all about that high quality Gas.

Full colour direct to garment print available on Tees and Hoodies.



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